Impronta with its services intervenes in the architectural design process. 

In our work, we implement a variety of models from the field of neuroscience and environmental psychology. These models constitute a foundation for our research and serve as human-environment interactions maps. 

All services are customised. 


STRATEGIC BRIEF is a document set at the project’s initial stages. It emerges from conversations and a workshop with a client and stakeholders and it is a synthesis of the client's mission, project's goals and Impronta's added value.


IMPRONTA 1 is about the transformation of the Strategic Brief into a practical project. At this stage, we implement neuroscience and environmental psychology MODELS that simulate human/environment interactions and we translate research INSIGHTS into the design.


IMPRONTA 2 is a service delivered in close collaboration with the TEAM OF CONSULTANTS. It provides a client with indications of how spatial elements can support a set of human needs defined for a project. 


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